28 8 / 2014

28 8 / 2014

28 8 / 2014

There is something to be said about kindness and how great it is when someone is awesome to you and you don’t even know them…just on the internet you have “met” and they’re just good, decent beings.

It makes me smile to know there are fantastic people out there (and a lot of them are on Tumblr).

28 8 / 2014

28 8 / 2014

The Mindy Project - Season 2 will be arriving at my door this afternoon.
Hello, weekend plans.

The Mindy Project - Season 2 will be arriving at my door this afternoon.

Hello, weekend plans.

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Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them).

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Name: Lauren
Birthday: May 3

Favorite color: Red. And black. Always black.

Lucky number: 5 or 3.

Height: 5’7”

Talents: I bake really good desserts. I will do anything to make a person laugh. I am always early to any and everything.

Last Dream you remember: I had a dream I had to get surgery and was just about to be put under anesthesia, so, not horrifying at all.

Can you juggle: Nope.

Do you like writing: I love it! It’s what I went to school for and it’s what I dream to do, in some way, for the rest of my life. Obviously in a dream world I’ll be paid to write. (That’s a fantasy).

Do you like dancing: YES! I can’t say I’m like a Step Up dancer or anything, but I know how to cut a rug from time to time.

Do you like singing: Again, I like it a lot. I sang in the church choir my whole entire life, plus chorus/chorale/choir all throughout school.

Dream Vacation: Greece, Italy and Paris.

Dream Guy: Joel Kinnaman (aka Holder from “The Killing”) tall and gorgeous and YES!

Dream wedding: Haha, the last thing on my mind is marriage. Perhaps one day I’ll get remarried, but…NEXT question please.

Dream pet: A sweet little kitten.

Dream job: Published author, pie baker, jewelry maker.

Favorite Song: “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Cheesy and great and makes me smile no matter what mood I am in.

Guys/girls/both: Guys

Hair color: Brown

eye color: blue or green

humorous/serious: A sense of humor gets you everywhere

tall/short: the taller the better

Biggest turn off: arrogance, inconsiderate, unkind

Biggest turn on: owning who you are and what makes you awesome, laughing more than anything and being confident in your own skin.

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This morning was rough and it’s only 8:45am.

Wy was just a bucket of tears this morning, to the point that he got so worked up that he couldn’t speak. It is like a knife to the heart. No parent ever wants to see their child so upset!

And each week it is a roll of the dice with how Wy will be in the morning after being at J’s for two days. It is exhausting and I feel like I walk on eggshells each morning I have to do drop-off.

He was inconsolable today. The tears got worse and he pleaded and begged for him to stay home and not go to school.

Cue the knife in the heart and the swirling guilt and such.

I know there’s no other choice, obviously. It doesn’t make it easier when your child is pleading with you, tears streaming down, to stay with you.

And the guilt kind of sticks with me all morning. I know I’ll shake it off and it will be great when I pick him up, but the whole process of the morning routine is exhausting and I’m anxious every time.

I do my best to soothe and reassure him, but some days (like today) it just doesn’t matter.

I then also get a little bitter that I am the one that always has to deal with this and J gets to float about life, easy breezy. Must be nice…but I’m an adult and a mom and I have responsibilities. And while I don’t want to resent J at times like these, it’s hard not to have a bit of a chip on my shoulder.


But this is life and I’m doing the best I can. Today I will take it hour by hour because it’s the only way I will ever get through.

I have a huge donor meeting at 10am, so fingers crossed it goes well, they make a donation to my event and I can take a breath of relief.

I’m so ready for a long weekend.

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So funny.

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28 8 / 2014


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